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Omnipack s. r. o. was established in 2005, when it was separated from Tanex plasty a. s. The latter began to be engaged in manufacturing foam parts only after that step. Omnipack s. r. o. followed in the already established tradition of high quality by that step and maintains the tradition successfully. The company is also an initiating founder and controlling member of Sdružení OMNIPACK (Association of OMNIPACK) and also a co-founder of Klastr výrobců obalů Omnipack (Omnipack Packaging Manufacturer Cluster).
Our wide range of products includes both standardized packaging (pallets, crates, films…) and packaging which is tailored to the customer’s needs according to the customer requirements and ideas.
The same also applies to  series parts, where our development teams cooperate successfully with customers on their individual solutions.

We focus especially on the quality of our products

Our priority is the quality of manufactured and delivered products and due to this you can see  products with the Omnipack logo not only in Czech and Slovak car factories but also in the other world ones.
Our products are also delivered to other no less important industries such as the electrical, chemical and food industries. We export to EU countries, Russia, China, the USA, Mexico, etc..
The Omnipack brand guarantees high quality, reliability and individual approach to your requirements.

Example of machines and technologies

EPP machineDetail of the EPP machineMachine processing EPPEPP mould for a barEPP mouldEPP product made by the machineKongsberg 3D Plotter machineKongsberg 3D PlotterBATTENFELD injection press


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