Plastic EPP packaging

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As their impact energy absorption is excellent also when the volume weight is low, EEP plastics are great for the manufacture of packaging intended for sensitive products or automotive parts.
EPP packaging is manufactured in various sizes and multiples of European sizes. They are reusable, not harmful to health, washable and stackable. They are easy to recycle at the end of your project.
EPP packaging; the automotive industry

Other features of EPP packaging:

  • excellent thermal insulating properties
  • minimum water absorption
  • not harmful to health
  • environment-friendly  
  • recyclable

Plastic packaging made of EPP is suitable in:

  • the automotive industry
  • the electrical industry
  • the engineering industry
  • the armaments industry
  • the glass-making industry
  • the food industry

Manufacture of plastic EPP packaging

The manufacture of EPP (expanded polypropylene) is based on the heat sealing of the initial material (balls). This is a process which is very environment-friendly .

Milled EPP transport packaging for the automotive industry

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