Products for ice rinks

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Our range of products for ice rinks includes greatly insulating covering boards for ice rinks, a durable goal pin or high-quality wipers for ice resurfacing machines.
IceCovertan - pokrytí ledové plochy

Basic information

The puzzle lock system ensures that the boards are strongly connected to create a compact surface.
The materials used and the structural design with no movable parts ensure excellent compression strength.
The upper heat moulded boards overlap the lower insulating panels on two sides. This overlap protects the lock system and improves considerably the insulating and protective properties of the entire design, reduces heat losses of the system and prevents mechanical impurities from entering the protected surface.

IceCovertan system

This ice rink covering system is intended for ice stadiums and sports halls with an ice rink to ensure its multifunctional use. Its compact surface with high-quality insulation enables to use ice rinks for sports, social and commercial purposes.


The excellent insulating properties of the material used guarantee the optimum surface temperature and ensure the efficient heat insulation of the covered ice rink so that the total operating costs of the hall are reduced.
Coefficient of heat conductivity  0.044 W/mK (C-value)
Thermal resistance  0.92 m2K/W (R-value)

Easy to handle

The low weight and optimum dimensions of boards allow good handling and fast and undemanding laying and subsequent removing.
Dimensions  1,760 x 1,170 x 38 mm
Area  2.03 m2
Weight  13 kg
The installation of the ICE COVERTAN system requires no jigs or tools.


The insulating layer reduces impacts when walking and so it helps to prevent injuries to your joints and muscle insertions. The special anti-skid surface enables to move safely all over the area and reduces the risk of injury.

IceCovertan structure

Its compact panels with the dimensions 1,760 x 1,170 x 38 mm consist of two layers:
  • The upper layer consists of a heat moulded ABS board 3 mm thick which ensures a hard compact surface. This surface has a special pattern anti-skid and abrasion resistant layer.
  • Three lower insulating panels are always put together and the upper covering board with the dimensions 1,760 x 1,170 mm is connected with them using plastic screws. The boards connected in this way are one part of the ICE COVERTAN system.

Unique tailored design

The entire solution is designed so that its final form can be adjusted to the customer’s needs and requirements. The insulating layer thickness, covering board thickness and surface finish can be adjusted according to the specified requirements.

Ideal materials

Insulating layer
IceCovertan insulating layer
  • Expanded polypropylene – EPP
  • it has excellent insulating properties and its form is permanent
  • it does not absorb moisture and does not stick to the ice
  • it absorbs very well kinetic energy
  • 100% recyclable
Upper boards
Heat moulded ABS
Upper boards IceCovertan
  • is strong and elastic and withstands high loads
Special pattern anti-skid layer
  • it guarantees a safe surface
  • it is highly abrasion resistant
  • it is easy to clean and maintain
  • it creates an attractive appearance
  • the colour and pattern can be selected according to the pattern book

Laying Icecovertan on the ice rink

IMG_7420Balení IceCovertanuIcecovertan desky, lední plochyLedová plocha, Icecovertan deskyLedová plocha, EPP desky IcecovertanIcecovertan desky, lední plochyIceCovertanDíly IceCovertanuZakrytí lední plochy, Icecovertan